Monday, April 26, 2010

Like clockwork...

So the night that we get back home from vacay-I wake up early in the a.m. like I've been doing for, oh the past two months? Why can't I get a full, decent sleep in this house??

Our trip was fantastic! So happy Aleta takes me along and puts up with me through out the whole thing ["Are you asleep?!!" ;)] and we get to spend quality time together [I love this song! I love this song! Hey I...LOVE THIS SONG!] Seeing old faces (some of them think we're nuts...that's ok.) and making new acquaintances (sure they all think we're nuts too), trying new restaurants (I don't see anything I want-Ok, let's just leave then) and visiting old haunts (there were people in that building...Ohhh)-with the small exception of our smokey towels and fishy refrigerator, everything was great! Chana-I tried looking for Robin Williams-look a like, but by the time I knew they were in town, we were already headed out. Lol. Don't really know what I would say to them anyway-Hi I'm Krystle, I know the Paxtons!!! Aaaaand that's about it. Nice meeting you!

Anyways, good times. Now back to reality and decisions that involve more than picking out a restaurant or trying to think of which beach to go to. Some changes are coming up. It's going to be an interesting summer....

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  1. Ok, so I LOVE LOVE LOVE you coming with me. It always makes it fun and interesting. You always keep me entertained...even when I'm deep in thought. Thank you for that. I had a BLAST. Loved every minute of it. Thanks for putting up with me.
    I don't like these tough decisions. They're really hard to make, KW. I think I'd rather decide which restaurant to choose or which beach to go to.
    I'm ready to go today. I hope we can plan another trip soon. We need to go back and see all our new friends. Including acid girl and baby mama drama :)